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Dahl Oilfield Services AS

Tel: +47 51 31 13 00
Hammaren 9A
Post: Hammaren 9A
4056 Tananger
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Dahl Oilfield Services AS - COMPANY DESCRIPTION

Dahl Oilfield Services is a Norwegian company
established in 2007.
+ Headquarter in Stavanger with continental office in Vienna.
+ Our quality system is according to NS-EM ISO 9001: 2008
+ Core business: Drill Collars, HWDP, Drill Pipe, X-over’s, pup joints etc.
+ Tailor made containers/baskets for tanks, sand screens, drilling subs etc.
+ Test units for inside BOP and Kelly valves.

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Stig Dahl
General Manager
Tel: +47 51 31 13 00
Mob: +47 918 74 300

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