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Jostein Svendheimsvei 8-10

P.O. Box 203 Midtbyen
2202 Kongsvinger

Tel: 62 82 88 28


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Norway’s leading manufacturer of industrial electric heating

Norske Backer is a manufacturer and turnkey supplier of heating products for land-based industry and offshore companies.

Customized heating products
Norske Backer is a manufacturer and turnkey supplier of heating products for land-based industry and offshore companies. Much of our capacity involves production of customized special products made to customer specifi- cations. In other words, we handle the entire process, from defining requirement to designing and producing the product, with short delivery times.

50 years experience makes us a leader in our field, and a natural partner within the industry. Our factories in Kongsvinger and Moss have a total workforce of 50, and a turnover of EUR 9 million p.a. Norske Backer is also
a vendor of most types of heating elements for ovens, hot water heaters, engine heaters and radiators throughout Norway. Other products we handle include water heaters, brake resistors and tool/equipment heaters. We are ISO/ATEX/IECEx certified.

Innovative and local
Innovation is a vital part of our company culture, and we put a lot of effort into the development of new and improved products. By working close to our markets we have built up a considerable understanding of current and future needs, enabling us to remain at the forefront of development. In close consultation with the customer, we tackle problems, analyze requirement and prepare a proposal accordingly which the customer can approve.
Our engineers have the experience, skills and ability to understand customer needs, and develop the ideal solution. When the final product has been defined, we begin to customize production. To ensure close relationships with our customers is a vital part of the company’s philosophy. We want to be available when the customer needs us in the knowledge that the time factor is usually of the essence when the unexpected happens.

Oil and gas
We specialize in offshore work, and supply heating elements for indoor heating, gas turbines and hydraulic gear on platforms. We are market leaders within product development, specializing within heating products and working in high explosion-risk areas. We are a preferred vendor primarily because of quality and service. Many of our customers turned to us because they have found it pays to choose us rather than cheaper alternatives.

We believe strongly in specialist skills at all levels, enabling us to communicate across the board with the customer, understand their needs and act a natural consultant and partner. Doing so provides reassurance. Our employees are trained engineers with experience within sales, design and production – to ensure quality throughout the entire process.

You are welcome to contact us for more information by phone no + 47 62 82 88 28 or