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Roxar Flow Measurement

Roxar Flow Measurement

Gamle Forusvei 17

P.O. Box 112
4065 Stavanger

Tel: 51 81 88 00


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Upstream Oil & Gas Instrumentation

Roxar Flow Measurement (RFM) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of metering and monitoring instrumentation, providing operators with accurate knowledge on how their reservoirs and wells are performing, and increased production control and integrity. RFM is the industrial inventor of multiphase and wet gas meters.


RFM solutions include:


Permanent Downhole Instrumentation, providing continuous reservoir surveillance to ensure that every producing well is managed for maximum performance. Recent developments include the Roxar downhole Flow sensor system which can, for the first time, generate multiphase measurements from either single bore or multilateral well configurations; and the Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System which can measure previously inaccessible

pressure and temperature information behind the casing in subsea wells.


Topside and Subsea Monitoring and Measurement Solutions, including its industry leading Roxar multiphase and wet gas meters, which provide continuous information on flow rates, water measurement and how wells are performing, with the result being higher recovery factors. The third generation multiphase meter is able to characterise flow dynamics with even greater accuracy.


An extensive flow assurance portfolio which includes measurement input, hydrate injection control, and corrosion and sand erosion monitoring to protect pipeline integrity and guarantee the continuous flow of oil & gas from reservoir to refinery.


• And RFM’s data acquisition solutions including advanced data monitoring, visualization and analysis tools which ensure that all information generated is turned into genuine business value and is a key input into operational decisions.


From measuring flow rates to temperature, pressure, sand erosion, corrosion, and chemical injection, RFM puts operators firmly in control of the production process, increasing oil & gas recovery and maximizing reservoir performance.



 Roxar flow measurement  Roxar flow measurement  Roxar flow measurement

Subsea Monitoring and

Downhole Monitoring
and Control

Production Monitoring
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