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Bygg K12, Kystbasen (CCB)

P.O. Box 4
5347 Ågotnes

Tel: 55 70 70 52


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Save weeks drilling and completing

Cabot Specialty Fluids supplies high-density (up to SG 2.3), solids free, non-damaging cesium formate brines for use as drilling, completion, intervention and suspension fluids in challenging operations, which can provide superior well control, operational rig-time savings, corrosion protection and long-term productivity.

Cesium formates are field-proven with over 300 successful well operations over 15 years and endorsed by many of the world’s largest exploration and production (E&P) companies.

Cesium formate brine’s monovalent nature and mildly alkaline pH also mean it’s safe to handle. These qualities give it excellent environmental credentials.

Our formate experts and talented field engineers supply and support our customers around the world, providing you with optimum fluid solutions for the toughest field developments.

Formate fluids outperform OBMs to deliver significant rig-time savings
In today’s challenging oil and gas market the need to optimize operational efficiency is more important than ever. Reduction of costly rig time combined with additional early production revenues can significantly impact the economics of field development projects.

The following application areas have been identified for key rig time savings when using cesium formate fluids compared to oil-based mud (OBM):

Drilling: significant increases in net ROP
Completions: enables the fastest and safest completion designs for both openhole and cased and perforated completions
Clean-up: can eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming well clean-up

With close to 100 staff devoted to cesium formate brine and nothing else, no other company matches our experience, expertise and pure dedication to this product. A skilled team of field engineers is waiting to assist operations anywhere in the world and well-equipped laboratories in Aberdeen and Bergen provide customized fluid formulations, fluid analyses, trouble-shooting and technical advice.

To find out more about our new benchmarking study and how it can benefit your operations, please visit or email