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Kjøpmannsbrotet 7

Kjøpmannsbrotet 7
4351 Kleppe

Tel: 51 78 60 30


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Sealing Solutions & Machining for the oil and gas industry

Norwegian Seals continuously search for the optimal solution. In close co-operation with our customers, and by using the latest innovations in materials and technology, we can handle most challenges.

The high standards we set for ourselves are stated in our main business objective: «Norwegian Seals aims to be the 

most competitive distributor, producer and supplier of quality, high performance seals technology and machined parts, for the industry.»

Sealing environment:
• Aggressive chemicals, including H2S (sour gas and sour oil), hydrocarbon concentrated bases, amines, formats and polar solvents.
• High pressures to 345 MPa (50,000psi)
• Elastomer temperatures to 320 Celsius (608 F)
• Metal seal temperatures to 1090 Celsius (2000 F)
• Continuous exposure to sea water, steam, steam/oil mixes, petroleum oils, drilling mud, waves, wind, shock, vibration, abrasion, rapid decompression, and rotary cycling.
• Production and drilling risers and valves, blowout preventors, wellhead equipment, mud pumps, tricone drilling bit seals, compressors and controls.

To further develop Norwegian Seal’s already renown customer service, we are introducing from January 2019 an all-in-one machined seal resource. This self-contained manufacturing cell will consist of leading-edge production methodologies,including a laser none contact measuring system, state of the art laser product marking and engraving, and CAD-CAM seal manufacturing technology, producing seals up to 500mm diameter.

Together with Norwegians Seal’s existing Seal distribution network and the huge diverse seal inventory held in Kleppe and the new same-day seal production facility, it will truly make Norwegian Seal a one stop shop for all sealing needs.

Norwegian Seals is distributor for Parker Seal Group, Sub-drill, Flexitallic, CDI Seals, Slade Seal Group and Chemtex absorbant materials in Norway.