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Grimstadvegen 93
5252 ClintonBuckinghamshire

Grimstadvegen 93
5252 Søreidgrend

Tel: 55 31 27 00


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DNV GL approved cabling solutions

Sohome is a vendor and system integrator of IT infrastructure for the maritime, offshore and onshore industry. Sohome creates innovative and reliable solutions that comply with the high demand of product quality needed in these areas. With more than 14 years of experience, Sohome has a constant focus on improving and developing high quality products.

Sohome is one of the major vendors of IT infrastructure for vessel and oil rigs using its own brand name Bergen
Cabling which Sohome believes is the best in the market today!

Sohome’s cables are versatile and may be used for a number of applications:
- Structured cabling
- Telecommunications
- Entertainment

For existing networks on Cat6a/Cat7 the maximum speed today is 10Gbit. With Sohome’s innovative hybrid cable
consisting of a Cat7 cable and 2 single mode fibers you get both the speed you need today and in the future.

Other products/services we supply:
- Fiber optic hook-up solution
- Offshore cables
- Cabinets/UPS
- Cameras for outdoors and Ex
- Maritime LAN design
- Project Management
- Courses
- Installation/testing/documentation of LAN