Norsea Tananger (Stavanger) Norsea Dusavik Stordbase (Stord) CCB Ågotnes (Bergen) Mongstadbase (Mongstad) Fjordbase (Florø) Vestbase (Kristiansund) Kristiansund Base (Averøy) Helgelandsbase (Sandnessjøen) Nordbase (Harstad) Polarbase (Hammerfest) Kirkenesbase (Kirkenes) Vardø Tananger (ASCO) Kollsnes Gismarvik Farsund Sandnessjøen (ASCO)

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Risavika Havnering 14

P.O. Box 70
4098 Tananger

Tel: 40 00 43 21


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The leading supplier of base services and integrated logistics solutions to the Norwegian oil and gas industry

NorSea Group offer Northern Europe’s leading network of Supply Bases and Real Estate services, including worldwide Total Logistics Operations, Project Logistics, Warehouse and Terminal Services for the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Offshore Wind industries. With over 50 years in the business, we are an experienced logistics partner within all logistic disciplines in the supply chain.

Main activities and services:

- Stevedore services

- Terminal operations

- Warehouse services

- Material receipt, packaging and dispatching

- Internal transportation

- ISPS and NOG safety

- Mooring

- Mobilisation and demobilisation

- Bulk and bunkering services

- HSSE & Quality management

- Procurement and management of 3rd party services

- Offshore energy services
- Offshore wind logistics services
- Offshore wind assembly site services
- Offshore wind project development advisory


Other services and products:

- Integrated logistics services

- Technical services

- Yard services (Inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM)

- Subsea support services

- Waste management and -handling

- Project logistics

- Military logistics support
- Host Nation Support



Main activities and services:

- Lease of land and buildings

- Real estate development

- Facility modifications

- Facility management


- Tank and bunkers facilities

- Procurement and management of 3rd party services


Other services and products:

- Syndication and financing

- Industrial cluster development

- Consultancy



Main activities and services:

- Marine operation and management

- Planning

- Tendering and evaluation

- Chartering (in and out)

- Offshore representative

- Vessel inspection and survey

- Company and vessel HSSE & Quality audits

- Consultancy and personnel lease

- Procurement and management of 3rd party services
- Structural engineering
- Global/local analysis and design
- Drafting and construction
- Mechanical analysis and design
- 3rd party verifications
- Design/modifications of existing structure
- Mooring analysis
- Concept design
- Yard supervision
- Structural and mechanical design


Other services and products:

- Tow master and rig positioning

- Anchoring and rig mooring